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Chairman of
Board of Directors
I. Kruglakov

Director General
M. Kheifits

Senior Assistant Director General  Grigory Bezyuk, Assistants Director General  Valentin Lyashenko (boatbuilding and shipbuilding), Vladimir Pasternak (economic planning management), Boris Shishorin (offshore oil and gas production projects).

The Concern of Medium and Small Tonnage Shipbuilding (KSMK) Joint-Stock Company was founded under Russian Government Resolution No.713 On Federal Target Programme 2002-2006 Reformation and Development of the Military Industrial Complex of 11 October 2001.

The Concern comprises:

  • the Yantar Shipyard (Kaliningrad);
  • the Vympel Shipbuilding Plant (Rybinsk);
  • JSC Interregional Investment Bank (MIB) (Moscow);
  • the Amur Shipyard (Komsomolsk-on-Amur);
  • the Kazan Electrotechnikal Plant JSC (Kazan);
  • the Khabarovsk Shipbuilding Plant (Khabarovsk).

The Concern closely interacts with the Russian Shipbuilding Agency, Russian Defence Ministry, Russian Federal Border Guard Service, Rosoboronexport State Corporation, Russian Ministry of Emergencies, State Customs Committee and State Fishery Committee.

The Concern sees its objective in development, construction and modernization of ships, boats, vessels and marine systems. This objective is attained through organization of efforts by all KSMK member shipyards, with their decades of shipbuilding experience, for optimum employment of their production capacities; through maximum integration of information technologies and cutting-edge equipment, execution of the state defense order, development of export potential, perfection of managerial interaction and cooperation of member enterprises, employment of intellectual potential and expertise in managing an integrated structure.

The KSMK's position in support of the state policy for reformation of Russia 's military industrial complex is reflected in its motto, which reads

The KSMK member enterprises build a wide range of medium tonnage and low tonnage ships, both for the domestic market and for export, such as submarines, Projects 226M, 266ME and 10750 minesweepers, Projects 12418, 12421 and 12300 missile boats, and Projects 14310 and 12150 patrol boats. They also construct such civil vessels as tugboats, diving ships, seiners, fire-fighting ships, dry cargo freighters, tankers, research ships, offshore drilling rigs and other types of ships and craft.

The KSMK enterprises have been contracted by the Federal Border Guard Service to launch production of the Project 14310 Mirazh border-guarding patrol ship, Project 12150 Mangust patrol boat, Project 12310 Ogonyok river border-guarding gunboat, Project 14170 Terier patrol boat and Project 6457S Sprut environmental patrol boat.

Joint large-scale efforts to qualitatively reinforce the sea fleet of the Federal Border Guard Service for biological resource protection in Russia 's economic zone eventuated, in June 2002, in the signing of the General Agreement on mutually beneficial cooperation between the Federal Border Guard Service and the KSMK.

The Concern uses the integration advantages resulting from merged development, construction and financial capabilities of shipbuilding and financial structures to design and build relatively cheap prospective ships, boats and vessels, such as:

  • Project 6457S Sprut environmental patrol vessel  a new-generation specialized patrol vessel designed for protection of living marine resources in the exclusive economic zone of Russia's continental and arctic shells; the vessel is maximally customized for protection of the Russian economic zone, and sells at a lower price than Russian and foreign analogues;
  • Project 12300 Skorpion missile boat  this boat is designed for stand-alone and group operations to destroy enemy warships, boats and transport vessels.

Apart from execution of state orders for the Russian Navy and Federal Border Guard Service, the KSMK enterprises are engaged in commercial programs; they are currently running in several promising foreign tenders for construction of tugboards, tankers, multipurpose transports, diving ships, ferries, fire-fighting ships, etc.

One example of these activities of KSMK enterprises is the 23 May 2002 contract between the US company Exxon Neftegaz Limited and the Amur Shipyard for reequipment and modernization of the Orlan offshore drilling rig.

The KSMK management pays special attention to marketing issues and participation in international and domestic exhibitions, such as IMDEX ASIA, INTERPOLITEX, IMDS, LIMA Maritime, EURONAVAL, etc. The Concern is adjusting to a new economic environment and tough competition, expanding its market presence, enhancing the market potential and looking into the future with confidence.


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