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Amur Shipyard JSC

Director General —
Anatoliy Adamenya

The Komsomolsk-on-Amur-based JSC Amur Shipyard is the largest shipbuilding enterprise in Russia's Far East.

Since its 1936 foundation the shipyard has built over 300 ships and vessels; its scope of activities also includes ship repair and modernization.

The shipyard has built numerous cruisers, destroyers, freighters, docks and tenders for the Pacific Fleet, but submarine construction has always been its priority. The enterprise has commissioned 56 nuclear-powered submarines, including 18 Projects 667A, 667AU and 667B SSBMs, 20 Projects 671RTM and 971 multirole submarines, etc.

Of 41 diesel-electric submarines built at the Amur Shipyard we should mention Project 690 target submarines, Project 940 rescue submarines, and Kilo class low-noise torpedo submarines.

The shipyard also builds civil vessels such as lumber/pallet ships, sea salvage tugs and fishing vessels. In 1998 the enterprise built a floating radioactive waste processing plant.

The Amur Shipyard has recently begun building floating constructions and equipment for sea shelf oil and gas extraction. One such construction was a 110×110×15m substructure built for the Molikpaq platform in the framework of the Sakhalin 2 project; the platform extracted first Russian shell oil in 1999. The shipyard continues construction of a water flood module and keeps on modernizing the oil platform. The enterprise is also upgrading and repairing the Orlan oil rig for Exxon Neftegaz Limited.

The enterprise manufactures varied shipbuilding and industrial products, furniture and consumer goods.

The shipyard operates three covered slipways with the following dimensions:

  • Berth A - 170.0×105.0m (three docks);
  • Berth B - 235.2×119.2m (four docks);
  • Berth C - 283.5×63.0m (two docks).

These facilities enable the Amur Shipyard to build ships and vessels up to 195×19×6.2m in size. The docks are fitted with cranes of up to 100t lifting capacity.

The enterprise uses a floating dock of 8,500t carrying capacity and towboats to launch and transport ships.

The aggregate outfitting quay length is 550m.

Ships and vessels are commissioned and repaired at the Bolshoi Kamen and Sovetskaya Gavan bases.


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