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Federal State Unitary Enterprise Khabarovsk Shipbuilding Yard

Director General –
Gennady Koshkaryov.

The Federal State Unitary Enterprise Khabarovsk Shipyard (FSUE KhSZ), is historically the major manufacturer of ships 3rd rank, gunboats, medium and low displacement vessels in Russia's Far East.

Founded in 1953, the shipyard has by now built around 350 ships and vessels of different types, including 250 guard ships, small-size ASW ships and minesweepers, landing boats and gunboats for the Navy, Border Guard Service and foreign customers.

The shipyard is noted for manufacturing Project 1124 small ASW ships, Project 12411 Molniya missile boats, Project 1208 Slepen river artillery boats and Project 12061 Murena landing hovercraft.

FSUE KhSZ is the only shipbuilding enterprise in Russia's Far East that uses in its production process all types of steel (including low-magnetic steel grades for minesweepers and degaussing vessels) and aluminum alloys (for speedboats and hovercraft).

The shipyard has the production infrastructure and personnel required for building ships and vessels with up to 2,000t displacement. The enterprise currently builds missile boats, gunboats, medium full-freezer trawlers and customs patrol boats.

The shipyard continues construction of frontier guard and civil small boats, varied shipbuilding products and consumer goods.

The five-span covered slipway can be used for construction of ships and vessels up to 80x11.6m in size. The 150x60m single-span covered slipway houses three births.

Ships and vessels are launched with the help of a traversing crane and a longitudinal slipway.

The outfitting quay is 182m long.


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