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Vympel Shipyard JSC

Director General – Viktor Doskin.

Founded in Rybinsk back in 1930, Vympel Shipyard JSC is one of the oldest boatyards in Russia.

It is the only national enterprise that has built over 30,000 boats, including torpedo and missile boats, minesweepers, target boats, firefighting and hydrographic survey vessels, pushboats, fishery protection cruisers and numerous towboats.

The shipyard historically enjoys a privileged position in the Russian shipbuilding industry; a major part of its produce has been exported for decades. Over 1,880 Vympel-built boats of different types are operated in 29 countries.

The Vympel Shipyard has long been building cruise missile boats for many foreign navies. The enterprise currently builds two Molniya boat versions: Project 12418 with Moskit supersonic missiles and Project 12418 with Uran missiles. The new-generation Project 12300 Skorpion gun-missile boat, currently under construction, will incorporate elements of Stealth technology and carry missiles with a range of up to 300km.

The enterprise also builds Project 14310 Mirazh patrol boats with a speed of over 50kt and Project 12150 Mangust small patrol boats. Vympel continues construction of hydrographic survey vessels, cargo/passenger boats, towboats and other vessels.

The enterprise has facilities, equipment and highly qualified personnel required for construction of ships and vessels with up to 1,500t deadweight.

The shipyard has the following major construction facilities:

  • 216×36m single-span covered slipway with two berths (four 50t capacity cranes);
  • 144×76m four-span covered slipways for small boat construction;

Ships and vessels are launched with the help of a 1,500t capacity longitudinal slipway. The outfitting quay is 100m long.


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