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Yantar Shipyard JSC

Director General –
Nikolai Volov

The Kaliningrad-based Yantar Shipyard JSC is Russia's westernmost shipbuilding enterprise.

Founded early in the 20th century, the shipyard belonged to German concern Schichau until 1945. After WWII it was turned into one of the largest Soviet shipbuilding enterprises specializing in construction, modernization, and reequipment of surface ships and vessels.

Over the post-war period the shipyard has built around 500 ships and vessels and repaired, or modernized, over 600 more.

The shipyard was engaged in construction of large submarine chasers and guard ships, the most famous of them being the Project 1155 Udaloi and Project 11551 Admiral Chabanenko ASW ships and Project 1135, P35M and 11540 guard ships.

The shipyard was the only Soviet shipbuilding enterprise to manufacture Project 1171 and then Project 1174 large landing ships. The enterprise was also engaged in construction of Project 1826 large scout ships and Project 1809 Sakhalin railroad ferries for the Vanino-Holmsk ferriage.

As the volume of military orders started thinning out in the 1990s, the Yantar Shipyard has been converting production to civilian vessels, many of them intended for export to Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, and other countries.

Yantar's range of export products includes dry cargo and liquid cargo freighters with up to 13,000t deadweight, river-marine vessels, hulls (including those made of aluminum alloys) for fishing vessels and auxiliary craft and various metalware.

Over the past several years the Yantar Shipyard has been annually repairing and modernizing 60 to 70 vessels of different types.

A well-developed infrastructure of engineering equipment and facilities enable the enterprise to manufacture a wide range of marine and industry equipment.

Yantar has the facilities and qualified personnel required for construction and repair of vessels with up to 25,000t deadweight.

The Yantar wharf with two 360m horizontal berths can be used for construction of ships and vessels up to 190×26m in size. A covered slipway can be used for building hulls up to 95m in length.

The Burevestnik wharf with three 164m horizontal berths can be used for construction of vessels up to 150.0×15.6m in size.

The berths are fitted with gantry cranes of up to 80t lifting capacity. Ships and vessels are launched with the help of a 12,000t capacity floating dock.

The aggregate outfitting quay length exceeds 1,500m. The shipyard operates four tugs of up to 1,200hp power and a barge crane of 100t lifting capacity.


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