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GALLERY (continuation)

Motor Boat Transport Tug

Motor Boat
(project 21260)

Transport Tug
(project UT-722)

Motor Boat Field Boat

Motor Boat
(project -80-235)

Field Boat
(project 21230)

Nature-oriented Vessel BMK-225

Nature-oriented Vessel
(project BG-25)


Orlan Platform Moliqpak Platform (Vityaz)

Orlan Platform

Moliqpak Platform (Vityaz)

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KSMK. Putin and Shreder visited our exposition at international industrial fair Hanover-2005

APMS-TASS. In Future Russia Can Cover 50-60% of Patrol and Missile Boats' Market in the Middle East Region

ASIAN DEFENCE JOURNAL. Russia's Modern Highly Effective Fast Naval Craft Can Ensure Sea Border Security of Southeast Asian Countries