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The KCMK member enterprises build a wide range of medium tonnage and low tonnage ships, both for the domestic market and for export, such as submarines, Projects 226M, 266ME and 10750 minesweepers, Projects 12418, 12421 and 12300 missile boats, and Projects 14310 and 12150 patrol boats. They also construct such civil vessels as tugboats, diving ships, seiners, fire-fighting ships, dry cargo freighters, tankers, research ships, offshore drilling rigs and other types of ships and craft.

Military Ships

Civil Vessels


KSMK. Putin and Shreder visited our exposition at international industrial fair Hanover-2005

APMS-TASS. In Future Russia Can Cover 50-60% of Patrol and Missile Boats' Market in the Middle East Region

ASIAN DEFENCE JOURNAL. Russia's Modern Highly Effective Fast Naval Craft Can Ensure Sea Border Security of Southeast Asian Countries