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Name Manufacturers
1. Transports
1. Transports with deadweight up to 20-25, 000 tonsYantar Shipyard JSC, Amur Shipyard JSC
2. All-Purpose Dry-Cargo ShipsYantar Shipyard JSC
3. Transport Ice BreakerAmur Shipyard JSC
4. Sea Railway FerryYantar Shipyard JSC
5. Dry-cargo Ships of River-Sea TypeAmur Shipyard JSC, Yantar Shipyard JSC
6. Timber Ship- Palletized ShipAmur Shipyard JSC
7. Tankers of River-Sea TypeYantar Shipyard JSC
8. Transport Tug of UT-722 TypeAmur Shipyard JSC
9. BargesVympel Shipyard JSC, Yantar Shipyard JSC
10. Passenger Hydrofoil VesselsFSUE Khabarovsk Shipbuilding Yard
2. Fishery Catcher Vessels
1. Large Refrigerator TrawlersYantar Shipyard JSC
2. Middle Refrigerator TrawlersFSUE Khabarovsk Shipbuilding Yard
3. Small SeinersVympel Shipyard JSC
4. Fishery Protection VesselsVympel Shipyard JSC, Yantar Shipyard JSC
5. Catcher BoatsAmur Shipyard JSC
3. Auxiliary Vessels and Crafts
1. Sea Rescue TugsYantar Shipyard JSC, Amur Shipyard JSC
2. Sea TugsAmur Shipyard JSC
3. Inshore TugsYantar Shipyard JSC
4. River Pusher TugsVympel Shipyard JSC
5. River Steam TugVympel Shipyard JSC
6. Radioactive Waste RecyclingAmur Shipyard JSC
7. Research VesselFSUE Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard
8. Floating Pumping PlantVympel Shipyard JSC
9. River Fire Fighting ShipsVympel Shipyard JSC
10. Fire Pumping PlantsVympel Shipyard JSC
4. Crafts for Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production on Sea Shelf
1. Foundation for Sea Oil Producing Platform MolikpakAmur Shipyard JSC
2. Seam Pressure Support Module and Power Module of Platform MolikpakAmur Shipyard JSC
3. Sea Oil Producing Platform OrlanAmur Shipyard JSC
4. Seismic ShipAmur Shipyard JSC
5. Diesel Oil and Mud Hydrocarbon base VesselAmur Shipyard JSC
5. Various Boats
1. Motor YachtVympel Shipyard JSC, Yantar Shipyard JSC
2. Revenue Cutters and othersFSUE Khabarovsk Shipbuilding Yard, Yantar Shipyard JSC
3. Pilot BoatsYantar Shipyard JSC
4. Tug BoatVympel Shipyard JSC
5. Passenger Hydrofoil CraftFSUE Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard
6. Fire BoatsVympel Shipyard JSC
7. Life-Boats of TypeYantar Shipyard JSC
8. MotorboatsFSUE Khabarovsk Shipbuilding Yard


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ASIAN DEFENCE JOURNAL. Russia's Modern Highly Effective Fast Naval Craft Can Ensure Sea Border Security of Southeast Asian Countries