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Russia's Modern Highly Effective Fast Naval Craft Can Ensure Sea Border Security of Southeast Asian Countries

The JSC Concern Medium- and Small-Tonnage Shipbuilding, the Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau - Federal State Unitary Enterprise and the Vympel Shipbuilding Plant JSC present modern fast naval craft designs able to accomplish all missions facing the Coast Guard and Maritime Police. These vessels are indispensable for fighting piracy and sea terrorism owing to their record-breaking speed, high sea­going ability and powerful armament.


The Project 12150 Mangust patrol boat is powered by two Zvezda M470K marine diesel engines with a total maximum power output of 3,000hp (2,200kW)

According to the official report prepared by the Research and Test Technical Centre (NIITTs) of Russia's Federal Border Guard Service, Project 14310 Mirazh and Project 12150 Mangust fast patrol ships surpass the best Russian and foreign analogues in terms of their basic performance characteristics and cost-effectiveness criterion with reference to missions accomplished by the Sea Guard of Russia's Federal Border Guard Service.

Project 14310 Mirazh (at open seas) and Project 12150 Mangust (in open ports and on roads) are intended to meet the challenge facing the Coast Guard, Maritime Police and the Special Operations and Anti-terrorist Services in any country. Mirazh is a fast skimming ship with a hard-bilge hull made of aluminum-magnesium alloy. Owing to its high sea-going ability, Mirazh can move at maximum engine ratings in sea state up to 4 and can safely operate at lower engine ratings in sea state up to 7.

The ship's standard armament suite includes the 30mm AK-306 rapid-firing gun mount, the Shturm missile system featuring a maximum firing range of 5.8km and two pedestal-mounted 14.5mm machineguns. Optionally, the ship can be equipped with:

  • a unique Navigation and Tactical Complex, incorporating two small-size radars operating in a 3-cm band and a millimeter-wave band, a TV day/night-vision camera, a ship control system, a communications system, an electronic integrated navigation and tactical system. The complex is part of the Integrated Situation Surveillance, Control, Navigation and Communications System. The Navigation and Tactical Complex is used to counter pirate and terrorist attacks against ships. The Complex reduces the ship's complement to 5 men, provides accommodation for a 3-5 men boarding party, and allows a single man to control the ship and its armament;
  • the Navigation and Aiming Complex that includes the Navigation and Tactical Complex and performs the function of effective fire control of 30mm or 57mm gun mounts;
  • the Palma-SU laser optronic artillery fire control system (as part of the Navigation and Tactical Complex or separately);
  • two versions of 57mm high-accuracy gun mounts with a firing range of over 10km.

Mirazh has incorporated several new design and technical features:

  • a world unique complex of automatically controlled interceptors increases the ship's speed by 8 to 10 knots (up to 50 knots), significantly reduces rolling and pitching motions and improves sea-going ability in rough sea;
  • the reduction of rolling and pitching motions highly improves armament effectiveness;
  • optimal design of the ship's propulsion plant provides for a range of at least 1,500 miles, an endurance of at least eight days and a maximum speed of up to 50 knots at the ship's displacement of over 120t and the existing fuel capacity.

The Project 14310 Mirazh is a fast boat made of aluminum-magnesium alloy with hard-chine bilge lines

Literarily, with its speed and controllability Mirazh can be compared with a supersonic fighter; with its heavy armament it looks like an attack aircraft or a light bomber; and with its high degree of comfort it is a real passenger jet. The ship's electronically controlled interceptors are most effective at a speed of over 33 knots and in sea state over 3, including maneuvering. Motions in all planes do not exceed 4°. Other existing ship designs cannot ensure a steady and safe movement of fast naval craft in sea state more than 2, as:

  • the air cavern stalls in sea state 2-2.5 and as waves begin "beating" the ship, the armament employment is virtually impossible;
  • flexible curtain of air-cushion ships has a short service life leading to high operating costs;
  • hydrofoil craft are costly to build and difficult to operate.

A standard Mangust fast patrol ship is armed with a 14.5mm machinegun or a 30mm AGS-17 automatic grenade launcher. This ship has also incorporated advanced design and technical features:

  • an optimal combination of deep "V" hull lines and a propulsion system of two M470 diesels with Arneson transmission gear provide high speed (over 50 knots), good maneuverability and controllability;
  • Mangust (with its fuel capacity) has a range of at least 410 miles, an endurance of at least two days, a maximum speed of over 50 knots at a displacement of over 27t.

Optionally, the ship can be equipped with MTU 12V2000M9 main engines and water-jet propellers. A Project 12150M Mangust civil version was certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and the Russian River Register. Both ships satisfy modern requirements for ergonomic design that gives them an advantage over their Russian and foreign counterparts. Modern Russian- and foreign-made communications and navigation equipment ensure safe navigation and reliable communication with costal facilities and other ships. Optimal compartment layout and a low noise level provide good working and living conditions for the ship's complement and passengers. Owing to their high speed, these craft can effectively be used in S&R operations delivering rescue teams, survival aids and firefighting equipment to ships in distress.

Experimental operation of Project 14310 Mirazh and Project 12150 Mangust patrol ships in the Caspian and the Baltic Seas has confirmed their high operating characteristics and their capability to fulfill the entire range of tactical tasks set for this class of ships. Russia's Federal Border Guard Service presented Mirazh and Mangust ships at the International Maritime Defence Show held in June 2003 in St Petersburg as the best fast border guard patrol craft in their type. INTERPOLITEX 2003 granted First Class Certificates to these ships. The Medium- and Small-Tonnage Shipbuilding Concern JSC, the Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau - Federal State Unitary Enterprise and the Vympel Shipbuilding Plant JSC have a vast experience in organizing the license production of naval craft at customer's sites and are always ready for fruitful cooperation.

Project 6457S Sprut patrol ship built by the Pribaltiysky Yantar Shipyard JSC in cooperation with Abeking & Rasmussen (Germany) is also worth mentioning. Three such ships have already been commissioned and are on permanent duty in the Northern Sea. A 21.5-knot maximum speed, an 11,500-mile range, unique fuel efficiency and low operating costs, as well as an advanced propulsion system designed to CODAE technology make Sprut a really universal ship. With an endurance of 30 days and capability to replace complement and replenish food and water in the sea by a helicopter, the ship can perform as a floating base of fast patrol craft or a flagship of tactical task force. The ship's overall dimensions (66 x 10.6 x 3.2m) and displacement (835t) allow the installation of guns with a caliber of up to 72.2mm without major hull upgrades.

The shipyards of the Medium- and Small-Tonnage Shipbuilding Concern JSC can offer a wide range of military- and civil-use products, for example, Project 12412 and Project 12418 Molniya and Project 12300 Scorpion fast missile boats; oil-producing sea platforms; tugs; various versions of Project 11541 Korsar escort ship with up-to-date armament; diesel-electric submarines; anti-mine warfare ships; the Murena air-cushion landing craft; the Ogonyok river gunboats; tankers; landing ships with a displacement of up to 10,000t; luxury yachts and ferries, the Mars sea-going firefighting rescue ships, etc.

Source: "Asian Defence Journal", April 2004


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