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President of Russian Federation V. Putin and German Chancellor G. Shreder visited exposition of the Concern of Medium and Small Tonnage Shipbuilding (KCMK) Joint-Stock Company at international industrial fair Hanover-2005 on the 11 th of April 2005.

V. Putin and G. ShrederRussian President and German Chancellor highly evaluated cooperation of German and Russian shipbuilders and expressed their hopes for its future successful development.

JSC exposition was represented by JSC Director General M. Kheifits at presence of Leader of Russian delegation Minister of Industry and Power Engineering of Russia V. Khristenko, Transport Minister I. Levitin, Head of Federal Industrial Agency B. Aleshin and others.

V. Putin and G. Shreder

JSC is a wonderful example of fruitful cooperation of Germany and Russia.

For example, Baltic Shipyard Yantar JSC and Abeking & Rusmussen German company started their cooperation from yacht hull construction and at the present moment are developing joint projects on construction of universal advanced technology vessels Sprut intended for solution of wide range of tasks. Three vessels built by Baltic Shipyard Yantar JSC along with Abeking & Rusmussen have been already used for Federal border service of Germany.


Vympel Shipyard JSC (town of Rybinsk) is preparing to enter world market with multi-purpose high-speed search-and-rescue motor boat Mangust, and propulsion system for her has been manufactured by German Company MTU.

The reason of such high interest of German shipbuilders and ship owners in placing orders at JSC shipyards is their urge to fix their positions in the Russian market fully meeting technical and economical requirements of German business.

Receiving joint orders for Russian shipyards, the Russian side obtains additional opportunity to develop its technical and production capabilities and to gain experience in work according to the German quality standards.

Source: KCMK
april 11 2005


KSMK. Putin and Shreder visited our exposition at international industrial fair Hanover-2005

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