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In Future Russia Can Cover 50-60% of Patrol and Missile Boats' Market in the Middle East Region

Michail Kheifits"As usual, to IDEX-2005 exhibition we brought all the best designed and manufactured in Russia in the field of medium and small tonnage shipbuilding. These are such patrol and missile boats as "Mangust", "Mirage" and "Molnia". Today we can represent a new vessel as well, it is a special coast guard "Sprut" commissioned by Russian Frontier Service, which is now under construction at Baltic Shipyard Yantar JSC. We are also building "Scorpion", new generation ship", said General Director of the Concern of Medium and Small Tonnage Shipbuilding Michail Kheifits at IDEX-2005 Show.

Today participants of the Show can see modified versions of "Mangust", "Mirage" and "Molnia" boats. The advantage of new "Mangust" and "Mirage" is that they are provided with new propulsion plants and modern equipment of Russian and foreign production. "Molnia" for today is one of the best missile boats in its class. And orders of the foreign countries prove it out.

The range of boats from coast guard "Sprut" to "Mangust" is the most atractive for United Arab Emirates and for the other countries of the Middle East. They can be used for antiterrorism protection, safety of biological resources and economy zone and for national waters protection as well. The boats are made of light aluminium alloys and other bimetals with high corrosion resistance that is extremely important for operation in tropical waters. "We have participated in IDEX exhibitions the third time and each time the exhibition gave us great incentive for export promotion of our production. Now we are holding negotiations with United Arab Emirates and other countries of the Middle East region. I think that such boats as "Scorpion", "Molnia", "Mirage" and "Mangust" will occupy the well-deserved place in the Middle East Market. Our share in future will be not less than 50-60%, in spite of strong competition with various competitors from Germany, France, Spain and some other countries ", stated M. Kheifits.

Source: "APMS-TASS"


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APMS-TASS. In Future Russia Can Cover 50-60% of Patrol and Missile Boats' Market in the Middle East Region

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