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The Concern of Medium and Small Tonnage Shipbuilding has far reaching plans

Concern of Medium and Small Tonnage Shipbuilding (KSMK) plans to build two project 971 subs. Two hulls of the 971 project sub based at the Amur Shipyard will be finished as soon as the necessary means are found. According to the Director of the KSNK Mikhail Heifits they will be finished for the national navy. The hull of the first sub is almost ready. At the moment the govt. is seeking the funds for the project together with the shipyard, which is trying to attract credits.

The talks with Sberbank regarding the first hull finished. It is quite certain that the problems with the funds for the second hull will be fixed as well. Mr. Heifots informed that KSMK signed a number of perspective contracts via Rosoboronexport. The largest contract on delivering Molniya caters to Vietnam got Rybinsk based Vympel. This is the large and interesting contract. Over 100 companies will work on it. The contract encompass over 10 caters, which will be mainly built at Rybinsk. In November December more contracts will be signed. Part of the export revenues will be spent on upgrading the ships of the Russian navy. Russian navy has abandoned the plans of finishing the warhead Novik (at Kaliningrad Yantar Shipyard). KSMK wants to take over and build a training ship on the basis of Novik.

Source: "shipbuilding.ru"


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